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A Sales Tax return is the taxpayer’s document of
declaration through which taxpayer not only
furnishes the details of transactions during a tax
period but also deposits his Sales Tax liability.
On the return form, the taxpayer declares for a
particular tax period and respective input tax and
output tax, at prescribed rate of Sale Tax. In
case input tax exceeds output tax, the amount of
refund claimed or excess input tax is also
declared in the return. For different categories of
taxpayers, monthly, quarterly or annual returns
may be filed on prescribed format as follows:-

Monthly Return

Under the standard procedure a registered
person is required to file monthly return by the
15th day of the month following the period in
which the supplies were made, in the designated
branches of National Bank of Pakistan. In case
of certain categories as mentioned below
procedure has been devised to file return on
monthly and quarterly basis.

Quarterly Return

The taxpayers falling exclusively in the category
of commercial importer, i.e the importer who
imports taxable goods for business activity other
than industrial use of such goods or
manufacturing by himself, is required to file the
return on quarterly basis.

Annual Return

A private or public, Ltd Company is to file annual
Sales Tax return, for a financial year by the 30th
September of the following financial year.
Electronic Filing
Facility of Electronic filing of Sales Tax return
has also been made available to the following
categories of registered persons.